Epiq Access Login Process




For Support Contact: Epiq Global Services Support team at 

support@epiqglobal.com  |  USA: +1 800 794 4430 or +1 913 998 7073

1. Welcome Email and Create Password: 

  • Once you receive the Welcome Email  (sample shown below) 

  • Click on the link in your welcome email which will take you to the Epiq Access password screen to set a password.

2. Epiq Access Password Set Page: 

  • You will be presented with the Epiq Access screen to set new password for Epiq Access:

2. Configure on Browser and enter Epiq Access: 

  • After you set the password, you will be taken to the OKTA screen to pick a security image: 
  • Once you click “Create My Account” you will be redirected* to Epiq Access, where you will find your Application (Relativity) tiles.  

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