Epiq Access, an “All in One” Digital Client Experience

Delivers Simple, Secure Access to Legal Business Services, Software and Data-Driven Insights

Epiq Access, a new digital client service experience for corporate legal departments and law firms that simplifies day-to-day work and provides legal business intelligence reporting on items such as work requests and vendor expenses.

With Epiq Access you can:

  • Utilize single sign-on functionality.
  • Integrate with your own Identity Provider (IDP) for a simplified log in experience.
  • Access intuitive and interactive dashboards and reports.
  • Submit and track work and support requests for eDiscovery and other tasks, as well as IT support, all from within this single point of entry.

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Digital transformation, through web and AI technologies, can make the work of corporate legal departments and law firms easier, more impactful and effective, and more efficient.

Why Epiq Access?

The legal business services technology ecosystem is becoming progressively complex, with teams onboarding many services and tools to handle emerging privacy regulations, growing data types and all stages of the eDiscovery and other litigation processes. Tool fragmentation creates added complexity at a time that teams are expected, more than ever, to achieve and measure results.

Available globally, Epiq Access provides a unified digital interface and single sign-on experience to gain access to Epiq and third-party legal applications and business services, legal business intelligence dashboards and reports, project status, support requests and tracking, and Epiq’s easy-to-use SaaS eDiscovery solution, Epiq Discovery.

Tailored For You

We are digitally transforming the legal business services market. While we’ve leaned on our decades of experience to develop Epiq Access, we also engaged heavily with clients around the world throughout our 18-month design process. Epiq Access reflects our clients’ input into what will help them get to the outcomes they seek in the easiest, most efficient and most effective way possible.

Submit and Track

You can submit and track work and support requests for eDiscovery and other tasks, as well as IT support, all from within this single point of entry.


Control and Security

System administrators equipped with a centralized method to update or deactivate a user’s access to multiple applications, projects, and reports.


On-Demand Visibility

On-demand visibility of the status of your requests, helping you save time, stay organized and complete projects on schedule and within budget.


Single Sign-On

With single sign-on functionality end users no longer need to remember different passwords for multiple legal systems. Users can access a suite of applications via one single login.


Seamless Integration

Epiq Access can also integrate with a client’s own Identity Provider (IDP) to provide even greater control and further streamline the user experience.


Dashboards / Reports

Intuitive and interactive dashboards and reports - including financial and operational information such as historical spend, processing and hosting volumes, and project status.


Who is Epiq

Epiq is the global leader in technology-enabled legal services, corporate restructuring, cybersecurity and business transformation solutions. We support law firms, enterprises, financial institutions and government agencies with world-class teams, proven processes, effective end-to-end strategies and a suite of leading-edge technologies to drive impactful operational change, scalable execution and business-wide efficiencies.

We take on large-scale, increasingly complex tasks for corporate counsel, law firms and businesses. Our clients include:


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