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Epiq Discovery Platform Update 

Learn about the latest updates to the Epiq Discovery platform, including:

  • Direct data collection from Microsoft 365: Easily gather data from Microsoft 365's OneDrive, Outlook mailboxes, and calendar, all from multiple accounts simultaneously.
  • Mobile chat data collection: Efficiently capture data from mobile devices and transform all chat sources into an easily reviewable format.
  • Improved coding form interface: Customize your review workflow and gain more control over your document review processes.
  • Entity identification: Strengthen your review process by facilitating the identification and extraction of entities.
  • Enhanced foldering capabilities: Reduce your team’s manual organization efforts.

Key Learning Points

Learn how to use the newest Epiq Discovery features to simplify the data collection and review process for large Microsoft 365 and mobile data sets.  Gain an understanding of how the robust review coding form brings a higher level of customization and how to utilize the form efficiently.  Expedite your team’s knowledge of how to capitalize on entity identification and enhanced folding functions to speed up your review. 

Why You Should Attend?

This webinar is a must watch for anyone who wants to maximize their Epiq Discovery experience and improve their eDiscovery processes. You'll gain valuable insights and practical tips on how to use Epiq Discovery’s features to their fullest potential. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with our team of experts.

Whether you're an existing user or new to the platform, this session is designed to help you streamline your eDiscovery review and achieve better outcomes.

Delivered by: Olivia Cutler - Customer Success Manager at Epiq.
Olivia is an expert in providing customized software and workflow training, delivering updates on the product, and building success plans to help customers achieve their long-term objectives.

The webinar is available on demand registration is required to receive the link to the recording.

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