Irish American Bar Association of New York (IABANY), in partnership with Epiq, presents:

The Importance of Networking in a Changed World, featuring Kingsley Aikins

Original broadcast Sep. 17, 2020 On Demand Your Desk!

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Reconsidering your career? Thinking about changing your job or pursuing a promotion?

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The COVID-19 health crisis has caused considerable disruption and led to rapidly changing work environments, including in the legal industry. Companies and law firms are reconfiguring for a changed world, and individuals are reconsidering career options and emerging opportunities. In all of this, networks are crucial—one introduction or one conversation can change your life—but they don't happen lying in bed or sitting at your desk! This webinar, which Kingsley Aikins has now delivered to over 50 companies in 9 countries, will detail why networking has become more important than ever.

The webinar should prove useful for a wide range of viewers, from recent graduates searching for their first jobs post-university, to seasoned professionals in careers of 15+ years, to those looking for a career change.

Kingsley will share a precise networking process and offer practical advice on reinventing ourselves to:

  1. Adapt to new business realities.
  2. Take responsibility for our own careers.
  3. Rely on and build networks and alliances, online and offline.

Building a strong and diverse network has become a necessity not a luxury—this applies to both companies and individuals. Promoting connections, among employees, colleagues, and a wide array of external contacts, is paramount.

The Irish American Bar Association of New York, in partnership with Epiq, presents Kingsley Aikins, CEO of The Networking Institute, in this engaging discussion.

This Webinar occurred on Thursday, September 17. You do not need to be an IABANY member to watch the recording.

Featured Speaker

Kingsley Aikins

Founder and CEO, The Networking Institute

Kingsley is the founder and CEO of The Networking Institute based in Dublin which focusses on online/offline training in Networking, Diaspora Engagement, Speaking/Presenting and Philanthropy/Fundraising.

Prior to that he was Worldwide CEO of The Ireland Funds for 17 years and raised 250 million dollars for projects in Ireland. Before that he was, for 8 years, the Sydney, Australia based representative of The Irish Export Board and IDA Ireland.

He is an Economics and Politics graduate of Trinity College Dublin.

Full bio of Kingsley on LinkedIn

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